• Soaring Features

IP Addresses

ClearSender uses dozens of regularly monitored IP addresses. Our acceptance rate ranges from 97% to 99% - not too bad!

100% CAN-SPAM Compliant

Includes automatically generated unsubscribe link and company info in footer of every e-mail.

Data Center

Your lists are safe in our data center.  We manage our servers 24/7 including redundant power and cooling systems, redundant networks, and backup systems.

ISP Feedback Loops

We are registered with all the major ISPs and domains to receive alerts whenever one of your recipients reports a message as spam. We participate with AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Comcast, and more to ensure that your campaigns comply with all email laws.

Delivery Servers

Our servers are powerful workhorses running on the current software versions.

Database Integrity

All account information is kept in separate, distinct databases to prevent corruption and overlap. Sending campaigns to someone else’s list or someone gaining your list is not possible.
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